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Warhammer Ancient Battles

Spartan Drill
Drilled Hoplites that fight in Phalanx

War Machines
Warhammer Ancient Battles Artillery

War Elephants
The War Elephant in an ancient games context

FotW Notes
Fall of the West Roman

Warhammer Ancient Battles Official Errata
Errata, Clarifications & House Rules

Warhammer Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Clarifications
Alexander the Great WAB book corrections

Alexander the Great FAQ's
Frequently ask questions on Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Materials & Links
Links to Alexander the Great Materials & Bibliography

Alexander the Great & AoA in tournaments

The Macedonian Army Gallery
Manufacturers miniatures that represent Alexander's army

The Xyston
The Companions Spear

The Rise of Macedonia

The Origins of Macedonian Tactics
The invention of the Phalanx

Philip's Conquest of Greece
Philip's Campaigns of Conquest

Chaeronea the Decisive Clash
Chaeronea 338 B.C. the decisive battle

Battles of Alexander's Era

Vendel Macedonian Figure Sizes
Comparison of sizes of Vendel, Foundry, Newline,
and Old Glory 28mm phalangite & Companion models

Crossing the River Granicus 334 BC

The Right Flank at Gaugamela

Megalopolis 331 B.C.

Alexander's Army in WAB
Building Alexander’s Macedonian Army in Warhammer Ancient Battles

Orders of Battle
Order of Battle given for Alexander’s army
at the decisive battle against Darius at Gaugamela

Greek Armies

Greek Mercenary Army List
Mercenary Greek Armies

Painting Greek Mercenaries
Painting a Mercenary Hoplite Regiment

Bronze Goat Greeks
Early Macedon Era Figures

Later Achaemenid Armies

Battlestandard 28mm Later Persians
Later Achaemenid Persians

Kardakes or Cardaces?
Alexander’s charge at Issus

Indian Armies

Vince Salvato's Indians
Indian Army - Simply the finest!

Indian Elephants
Indian Army War Elephants

Successors of Alexander

The Army of Antigonos 1st (Monopthalmos)
A 1500-2000 Warhammer Ancient Battles Illustrated Army List

1st Corps Ptolemaic Figures
Ptolemaic Soldiers

Epirote Army
Tony Edwards - Epirote Army

Warhammer Ancient Battles Epirote Army List

The Battle of Heraclea
Scenario for WAB

Pyrrhus in Sicily
Scenarios for Warhammer Ancient Battles

Historicon Games and Tournaments
Past Historicon Games

Gaming Venues
Los Angeles OrcCon in February

Antigonid WAB Macedonian Army
The Macedonian Phalanx

New figures on the block
Vendel Persian Cavalry

Jeff Jonas Miniatures Page

Military Miniature Painting Tips

Painting Ideas
Painting Military Miniatures - a joy and a challenge

Gaming Links

Warhammer Gamer's Links

Guest Painter Pages

The Norton Testudo
The Testudo Formation Marker for WAB EIR Armies

Macedonian Army Guest Page
Don Effinger's really cool Old Glory 25mm Macedonians

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