The "Norton" Testudo

Rich Norton has created a template for creating a testudo formation
marker for WAB EIR armies, and has been kind enough to let me post it here on
Of course you could build your own out of a bazillion Foundry or Old Glory shields, but this one is quite swell!

You can see the effectiveness of the Norton Testudo in this action shot above.

Rich has provide the .jpg file for free for your personal use!
Please remember to write him and thank him at the following  address:



The Norton Testudo is simple to make easy to use and is safe around small children.
The easy and free WYSIWG solution for your EIR testudo woes...
never again will you forget which unit's were really testudo-ized!*
(Green and Blue versions to come when there is more bacndwidth)

You can see more of Rich's fantastic Imperial Romans, Barbarians and Mycenaeans at:


* Your results may vary, the Norton testudo has been used by experts on a closed gaming table.