Later Achaemenid Persians

One of the most rewarding pleasures associated with  releasing a wargaming supplement, is seeing figure companies release new
miniatures to support the lists.  Here we have some new  28mm Battlestandard figures mixed with some others to show relative scale. 
From the  left is a Battlestandard mounted officer, next a foot officer, behind a trumpeter, next is a Newline standard bearer, then another
Battlestandard figure with standard, and a takabara peltast. Behind these is a Vendel standard bearer to show size relations.

The Battlestandard Satrap on foot wears a kandys (a jacket which is worn as cloak).  I shaved his straight sword into a kopis. These figures have some nice attention to detail such as the cloak cord. Other details can be soft, like scabbards, which will need some filing and shaving.



The officer rides on a huge Nisaean charger form the Royal herd. The favored colors being black and white. These were gifts from the Great King himself and were the largest breed of horse of the period. Battlestandard has captured the spirit of these horses and they are very, very large! Certainly larger than any 28mm horse.

These will probably have to be kept in separate units, so as not ot dwarf Vendel's and Newline's horses.



Another comparison of the takabara and standard bearer with the Vendel figure in the background. These figures are about the same size and are very compatible. The Battlestandard standards have heavy embossed details on them, I prefer to paint my own so I filed this one down, and added a simple design for a takabara regiment.

The Newline Designs standard bearer is form their line of early Achaemenids, but I threw him in to show compatibility, and he is kind of cool! I figure this older style figure won't look too out of place in a unit of takabara or levies.



The riders sit wide on the horses so test fit them first before assembly. There is some flash, and some shaving to clean up the figures. Other than that painting was easy.. there's nothing more colorful than Persian horsemen!



Here's some of the figures turned to the side. This shows the back of the kandys on the foot officer.  These shields are from the old Foundry line as I wanted these figures to fit into a unit with the same pattern.


Again more detail of the kandys from the side.
I feel the new Battlestandard figures are a welcome addition to a collector's choices for this army, a plus is other ranges of larger 28mm figures fit in well with them.
Battlestandard's range is striving to be complete, and the figures are affordable, and accurately presented, the sculpting and detail may not be as crisp as the Foundry range, but they are painter friendly figures and Persians are always spectacular miniatures.

Jeff Jonas


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