AncientBattles Indian war elephant

Indian War Elephants
To Celebrate the release of the Alexander the Great Warhammer Ancient Battles supplement
I wanted to show off some 28mm  elephant models available

Newline Designs new Indian war elephant has three crew. One mahout, one noble and one lesser javelinman.

The elephant has the same thick trunk as their Successor elephant model.




Newline Designs and Old Glory War elephants lined up side by side, they are quite comparable in size. Old Glory's model has larger ears, whcih could be filed down.



Newline Designs elephant crew was a lot of extra work. They all had javelins. I converted one warrior to a longbowman by swapping an arm.

The mahout's hooked goad had to be scratch built.. it seems that many miniature manufacturers continue to overlook this peice of gear.

By the way the elephant escorts are by 1st Corps, the infantry in back are 1st Corps and Newline Designs.



Here you can see the details of the conversions.  The back rider's head was turned so everybody wouldn't be looking forward.

I also had to do a lot of extra work to get the riders to sit on the elephant properly.



This Old Glory beast comes in a two pack, which is a great bargain. The crew are all different and well animated, this mahout even has a proper goad!

The 1st Corps elephant can be seen in more detail below.

Indian Elephant by Newline Designs


1st Corps 25mm Indian war elephant and King Poros

This was the first pass of this kit way back in 2001.  1st Corps since then have revised their elephant models.  I'm currently in progress of updating this model of the king by adding him to a Newline model.. stay tuned...



28mm 1st Corps Indians, the elephant models have been revised since this article was originally posted:

28mm Newline Designs Indians:

25mm Old Glory Indians:

Vince Salvato's excellent Indians:

A great color guide reference for painting ethnic skin tones:

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