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05/21/02 Persian National Regiment 333 BC
These are a mixed bunch of singletons I've had lying around the workbench.  They show how different manufacturer's figures can add together to make for variety. The unit standard bearer, musician and some of the archers are 1st Corps, the battle standard bearer and the rest are from Foundry.  This unit represents a Persian foot unit of mixed archers and spearmen during Alexander's campaigns.  Many Persian troops are depicted with Greek style armor and the 'Argive' shield during this era.


09/25/01 Seleucid Heavy Cavalry

This unit unit represents my favorite way of collecting and building regiments for WAB. The Regiment contains miniatures from three manufacturers. The left hand model is by Newline, then an Old Glory figure represents the Army Battle Standard.  A Navigator officer takes up the middle, and the rest of the figures are by Old Glory. Mixing and matching between manufacturers gives a unique look to each regiment.  These are moutned on Renaissance Ink magnetic bases.

09/16/01 Newline Designs 25mm Successor War Elephant
This is quite a hunk of lead, and furthers my collection of 25mm Elephant models. (I only have eight, I know I need to get some more done to catch up with others!).   The figure is based on the illustration in John Warry's, "Warfare in the Classical World".
I've painted it as an Epirote beast, a Campanian plate shows an Elephant with yellow towers, also shown in Warry's book.  Generally towers came into use after Pyrrhus reign, and thus it has been assumed that he may have invented the concept. That plate has two crewmen armed with javelins. This one is fully crewed for Warhammer Ancient Battles, with pikeman, archer, and javelin man. (The javelinman is a Hypaspist model). The decals on the shields were provided by Tony Edwards... thanks! They display a special symbol ascribed to Pyrrhus as his moniker, and are printed in gold metallic which is striking (but loses something in the photo).

The elephant kit is easy enough to assemble, and has nicely sculpted wrinkles, with high relief that aids painting. The crewman with the pike has some interesting bronze lamellar armor.  The mahout is nice, but I had to build my own elephant hook. The only drawback to this model, was the extreme thickness of the trunk, which retains similar thickness all the way down without any taper.  I remedied this a bit by filing the inside a bit to give it a bit of taper from the side, but to the front it is still very thick.


08/20/01 Newline Design Miniatures 25mm  "Maximus"

This new figure captures the flavor of this movie hero in 25mm. 

Click here for a review and more photos of Maximus, his horse Scarto, and his wardog!

More Maximus


06/10/01 Navigator Miniatures 25mm  Asiatic Archers

This jolly band of Mardians, or Uxians, or Red Sea men, or Elymais archers are gleefully singing a merry tune. This is both the strength and sometimes the weakness of Navigator figures, they have lots of personality, but sometimes they go overboard with the mouths open thing. I'd prefer they alternated the open mouth stuff, or made head variants. However, the strength of the figures is they are believable in their pose and clean and fun to paint. (Although I'm not too keen on the sword details... I would like to see the akinakes (dagger) strapped on, instead of this honking big sword..... in WAB too many skirmisher troops get swords-- one area where skirmishers get an unnecessary boost... but I digress ...

The other nice thing about these is that there are two poses, which makes for a nice unit effect (three now if you include the Elymais archer from the Parthian line, which are beautiful.)
The bows have little detail and need to be bent into shape, also it was virtually impossible to add bow strings as there is no room without bending the hand or bows unnaturally.
But even with some negatives this is a lively bunch and hopefully with some luck, they can defend the river Pinarus better than their real-life counterparts did!.... Hey wait a minute...that guy in the middle, the one that looks like a natural leader (i.e. graying hair)..could it be ..yes it's Allen Curtis!! Watch out for those Companions rolling up your left flank!
The astute observer will notice the very 'ancient' Garrison figures in the background....

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06/07/01 Newline Designs 25mm Hellenistic Peltast

This is a real nifty figure... I want more of them and some more variations !! This Later Greek fellow wears a Boeotian helmet, Spolas style light armor, and carries a wicker pelta. (this shield is from RAFM, as I seem to have misplaced the small pelta that comes with the actual figure.)  Altogether a very fine figure to paint up..did I mention I want more poses! The figure is listed as HE12 for those interested.
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06/07/01 Oh my!! Foundry Greek Peltasts!!!

This mob is my first stab at the new World of the Greeks figures available from Foundry. (Shows you how backlogged I am!) They do indeed paint up nicely and are quite impressive on the tabletop.  Various shields adorn these fellows, some from the Foundry pack, some from Newline Designs I had lying about.  The transfers are mixed bag of some old ones (I think Revo), and a swell Dark Age Design transfer can be seen on the center chap's shield. Of course you all know how to get to Foundry, but just in case....


05/22/01 Navigator Miniatures 25mm Successor General

Finally, after quite awhile, I have a Navigator figure up for display! This is a cool figure typical of Navigator's clean castings. These figures really emphasize their animations, and they paint up very  nicely too! It's kind of wierd but this photo really doesn't do the figure'll just have to see it!
(Navigator's Samnite standard bearer is superb!)

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