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2/06/03 28mm Vendel Persian Cavalry

The unit of cavalry shown are painted as Sogdians, or eastern Satrapal cavalry. These are suited for the Persian War timeframe, or can be used in Alexander's era as well, given that we know little of any changes in their garb.
These are 10 of the 12 new Vendel cavalry releases. I've combined them into a Hippakontistai style unit that could have fought with Alexander's army in India.
The figures are robust as are all of the new Vendel figures. They are nicely posed and make for a great looking bunch of wild horsemen from Herat or Masar-i-Sharif  or other places with current impact and significance.  

The only issue I have with these figures is that Vendel tends to have very generic horses and gear. Some varieties of scalloped saddle cloths and more attention to the bridles, and tied up manes and tails of Persian horses would make them really be perfect.  The musician is a quick conversion from a cannibalized trumpeteer.

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10/27/02 1st Corps 28mm 
Indian war elephant and King Porus

I have have been working on this kit for awhile now. This spectacular War elephant has quite a great looking crew, with a tall and handsome Porus, flinging javelins till the bitter end!


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6/23/02 28mm Vendel Greeks and Persians

The two figures in the center are from the new Vendel Miniatures range of Classical Greeks and Persians.  The Newline Spartan on the left, and  the Foundry figure on the right are for size comparison.  The Vendel figures are bigger, but by a matter of degrees and are IMHO compatible with these and other ranges in size.  The Vendel figures do display a more hefty and solid look that does set them apart from other ranges.  This is Colin Patten's style and I find the figures fun to paint as they have large flat surfaces that allows the painter room to work. There is plenty of detail but they don't overload the form and flow of the designs.  Hopefully I'll get some time to paint a few regiments of these soon.  These figures are from the Greek and Persian Command packs that each have eight figures.  The Persian set has officers and standard bearers, some in cloaks, or Kandys (overcoats), some in pajamas, even the classically depicted standard bearer with fox skin hat.  The Greek set has Officers in cloaks only. No musicians for the WAB crowd however.