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New Figs on the Block
As I paint new stuff I'll try to do a little review...
Time is short so at times I get to a whole regiment, at times just one or two at a time...

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28mm Vendel
Macedonian Companion Standard Bearer

This model debuted at Kublacon as my Battle Standard Bearer, he is a bit stiff like many Vendel riders, but the pose works as the Standard Bearer shoudl be a bit more stoic than the rest of the regiment!

Vendel figures are bigger than the rest of my figures, so I usually keep them aside as individual models or as their own units.


28mm Foundry
Macedonian Mounted officers

You cannot go wrong with Wargames Foundry Macedonian cavalry. They are the top of the line. They are also expensive, but a player rarely needs more than ten models, so I feel they are well worth the investment. Their command figures are IMO the very best and by joining an Old Glory, A&A, or Newline Designs unit, they will always set off the regiment.

In this case I was using these models as Demetrius and Pyrrhus of Epirus as officer in the early Antigonid army.






28mm Castaway Arts Mules and drivers
along with Copplestone castings Bactrian Camels

I needed some baggage animals for my Imperial camp, and for a grab and hold scenario. These models worked just fine. The Mule driver is a Castaway Arts Arab quick conversion. The Camel driver is a sample Castaway Arts Tuareg. Just showing what can be done with models at hand in a pinch!

Castaway Arts