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01/02/01 Newline Designs 25mm Spartan Hoplite

This is an example of the Newline Hoplite range. He's a bit small to fit in with the new Foundry giants, but he isn't petite either!
A nice Dark Age Design lambda transfer finishes him off. All in all an effective miniature, cleanly done like all Newline's 25mm castings.
You can order Newline Design's figures in the USA  at:
 small hole in the cape..easily filled.


09/22/00 Newline Designs Alexander the Great
This is a really cool 25mm figure! Foundry may be about to release an Alexander figure..but if you can't wait you can't go too far wrong with this fine figure! I especially like the "Lion Helm" as depicted on the Alexander sarcophagus.  The horse is a little chunky but nothing to sneer at (they sent me the wrong horse... and I even had the correct one that I bought at Historicon..but oops I didn't dig that one out! (The correct one has the Leopard's head at the front..dang I'll just have to pry this guy off when I paint up that one!..Doh!  I hate it when I 'm so daft).
These castings require a little prep, this one had a small hole in the cape..easily filled.


09/05/00 25mm Newline Design Republican Roman Tribune
Fresh from Historicon, I painted up this Newline Design 25mm Republican Roman Tribune...... Newline Designs are famous for their nifty 20mm ancients, but these new figures were excellent and clean large scale 25's. These will fit in with both OG and Foundry figures. Someday I will have a whole Republican Roman army for WAB..  However, I may play it as a later army around 197-146 B.C. and use the EIR list, since I want to take a Repo Roman war elephant too!



09/08/00 Old Glory 25mm Seleucid Army Battle Standard
Just wanted to throw out a picture of one of these since I have some on the work I don't want to bring phalangites to Historicon next year...but maybe if I get them done in time... These are definitely good figures by OG, and they paint up nice.  Can't wait for the Foundry Macedonians though!

(anyway it will annoy Don Effinger if I post the same things he is working on!)



01/01/00  Tarentine Cavalry
This scan is of some older "Tarentine" Light Cavalrymen. These aren't new figures, they are actually various 25mm RAFM cavalrymen from their Hellenistic era range. What is new is that I have "upgraded" some of them with some new Greek shield transfers from Dark Age Designs great new 25mm transfers! Can you tell which ones are hand painted? (I bet you can!)

If you wish to see more then look at or contact Tony:


08/20/00 "King Tiger" Seleucid Elephant
This is the "King Tiger" Old Glory Seleucid armored elephant. Notice the cool shield design which was provided by Dark Age Design, the forehead symbol is an old REVO decal rummaged from the dust bin, a Foundry  Hastati (playing possum) fills out the scene! 


10/29/99 Eureka Samnite
The first offering is this brand new Eureka 25mm Samnite (don't kid yourself he's really closer to 30mm tall!) The figure is cleanly molded, and also includes a nicely molded spear, the five feathered headdress, and the funky "half-scutum" shield. The pose is a bit static, but I bent the shield arm up, so he's in a ready for action poseThis figure's anatomy is best described as "lanky", he has slender features, this could be welcome to many since many figure manufacturers tend towards the "beefy" side of things. I get tired of  "Buffalo armed" muscle men that put Arnold to shame!  A quick trip to the Osprey "Early Roman Armies" book and I was hooked on the "politically incorrect" insignias. (Since it is rare that I get to open my green paint tube).