Syrian Wars 5

Seleucids against Ptolemies

  The muddy plains of Huleh..

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NEWSFLASH!!!....King Ptolemy orders an offensive, back to Syria cry the fervent soliders of Freedom!!  The armies clash near Huleh along Mount Hermon....NEWSFLASH!!!

The campaign thus far:


General Snopus marches the army towards Huleh to take back the frontier. The campaign has see-sawed violently along the border, with Tyre falling and the road to Damascus closed.  The forces of righteousness march onward to glory.

The clouds opened up and the army struggled through the pass. Once again only hardship greeted the heroes of civilization as they endured every known privation marching through the sludge churned roads near Galilee.   The phalangites needed to pull the elephants with ropes up the slopes, and the beast slipped and slid downhill through the General's tent.  Bags of gold and gem encrusted serving ware spilled into the sloppy mud, and the General's small personal army of servants scurried about wrestling the valuables from the muck. Of course prompting the soldiers to ask, "How can one tell that an elephant is into the General's tent?"....*

General Snopus' dispatch:

"Dirty plates. Oh the horror of war!"

Aide: "But general the men are nearly starving.."

"There will be less to feed in a day or two".


*.... He left his bicycle outside.


The armies once again come to grips in the passes near Mount Hermon:



The Ptolemaics line up. Cretans and thureophoroi anchor the left wing.


The elephant supports the center where the phalanx is massed.  Aetolians and Agrianians hold the heights.


Once again the solid Seleucid force presses forward.


The mercenary cavalry are shot up by the enemy, Thracians and Arab horsemen.


The Seleucid phalanx aggresively takes the hill.


Heavy skirmishing on the flanks.

The Seleucid horsemen are whittled down but eventually wipe out the thureophoroi.

The Agrianians struggle against the wild Thracians and their heavy cutting rhomphaie.


The long suffering Thracians win, and hold the heights.


The "Death ride of the Tarentines."   Here they gallanty hold the flank to cover the phalanx as they struggle. They last one turn, just long enough... the thorakites and the elephant crash into the enemy rear.


....but the elephants paid dearly as the Seleucid archers showered them with arrows, sending them panicking through the General's tent, once again!

In the end the exhausted armies once again broke off. Huleh was once again captured and the frontier is gradually being closed to Seleucid aggression.






"Truth is the only cost of lies"  Ptolemy, Lord/Dude


Follow the Seleucid side of the campaign on Paul Rigby's Blog:




Wise Ptolemy speaks:

"A Seleucid in need, is a dead one."



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