Syrian Wars 2

Seleucids against Ptolemies

  The Road to Moab, Part Two

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NEWSFLASH!!! Ptolemaic forces seen streaming to the frontiers.........NEWSFLASH!!!
Sossibius the wise deigns to grant the unworthy information about the impending campaign!



Polemarch 28mm Thorakites


This is the new Polemarch thorakites (armored) infantryman. I only have one for now and I substituted a more oval shield for the Polemarch version.   I kind of followed a vague reference on the Nile mosaic of Palestrina for this shield, as the bottom left soldiers are quite detailed and have interesting gear.   The rectangular shields are especially strange.


Nile Mosaic:

Grand Vizier Sossibius' press conference!














Grand Vizier Sossibius: I'd like to say a few words before I take questions. We had a clash with the Axis of Evil Seleucid empire last week. Our well trained forces were guided by the hand of God to victory over the beaten Seleucid dogs. Currently we expect to be paid reparations for damages by Antiochus for our losses.  We expect to be paid One Meeellion gold talents!  We have no intention of launching a unilateral pre-emptive strike on Syria. We are a peace loving empire, and all our subjects and slaves love Pharoah Ptolemy

Memphis Gazetteer:  We hear the army is in somewhat disarray, what can you say about this?

Grand Vizier Sossibius: The army is in fine shape. There are rumours that we are training the machimoi, this is patently false.  We will go into war with the Seleucids with what we have at hand.. that's what everybody does.. smirk.

Memphis Gazetteer:  There are rumours that our elephants are inferior to theirs, can you elaborate?

Grand Vizier Sossibius: We will go into war with the Seleucids with what we have at hand.. that's what everybody does.. smirk. The new build up of troops is just a peaceful demonstration of our power.

Memphis Gazetteer:  There are rumours that you are out in the desert training a new army to face the Seleucids.

Grand Vizier Sossibius: What happens in the desert, stays in the desert!  There will be no war, the evil cowardly Seleucids will just pay us off, or they will lose Syria forever. 

Memphis Gazetteer:  This new addition to the Alexandria museum, the newly discovered Alexander diadem, seems coincidental that it goes on display just a week after the frontier battle. Can you elaborate?

Grand Vizier Sossibius: Ptah! You elite media-ists find conspiracies in every corner! The diadem was simply lost in a closet. The Parthians did not have it in that caravan, that's just talk by agitators.

Memphis Gazetteer:  You never mentioned the Parthians... but now that you have... is it true they sold us ... gasp.. gurgle... uggghhh..

Grand Vizier Sossibius: Ok interview over, praise to wise Ptolemy. Bring out the dancers and clean up that blood stain!



The new Alexander Diadem is on exhibit at the "Museum of all things Alexander!"
15th and Ptolemy Soter Avenue
Hours 10 till 6 daily (closed on Ptolemy worship days)



"The Empire is more powerful than the individual"  Sossibius


Follow the Seleucid side of the campaign on Paul Rigby's Blog:




Wise Ptolemy speaks:

"Taxes secure the peace through a strong military, spread the word."



The exalted one, Ptolemy IIII guarantees the veracy of the Memphis Gazetteer's press.
One hundred years of honest, totally truthful, unbiased, state run media excellence

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