Sparta's greatest general

Jeff Jonas 2019

28mm figure by Footsore Miniatures.

"Make no show of cowardice then on your part, seeing the greatness of the issues at stake,
and I will show that what I preach to others I can practice myself"
~ Brasidas


Brasidas the "Bold" Strategos of Sparta

Brasidas was one Sparta's best generals. He was seriously wounded trying to assault the Athenian base at Pylos. After recovering, he marched a small force of Spartan helot hoplites north to the Chalcidice peninsula and boldly seized Athenian allied cities. His outnumbered army routed the Athenians under their general Cleon (who died in combat). Brasidas also fell as one of the few Spartan casualties The loss of these major leaders forced the exhausted Athens and Sparta to sign an armistice, called the Peace of Nicias, but this cessation of hostilities only held for four years. Brasidas is highly regarded for his levelheadedness, his un-Laconian speech and communication skills. 

Brasidas 28mm

The Footsore miniatures have added quite a few models to their "Mortal God's" range which includes Spartans, Athenians, and many other auxiliaries of
City States at war during the Peloponnesian Wars. This model was converted from a separate resin Spartan head on a figures called Adrastos captain of the lochos.


The Footsore Spartan blocked in with brown and solid tones. Then adding more details becoming apparent. He looks  glum. Brasidas the Spartan general died at his last victory against Athens, so he's looking glumly forward to his moment of fleeting glory. The transverse crested pilos helmet is commonly seen in artwork of the period. I'm thinking it makes sense for an officer.


Some final touch ups on this conversion. The Footsore Greek hoplite has a large boring red cloak- like Spartans do. Luckily, the folds make sense. The shield originally was a transfer from LBMS. I did not like how fine the detail was - so I painted over it. Now I like it better. The rooster was a power symbol of Sparta. Spartans worshiped Apollo as their patron god (not Ares as modern comic books would make it).

This was the design I used for my Super Chicken.

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