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The following are images of miniatures with a brief biography of some of my favorite Greek Generals.
Click on the image to get the full detailed page with more photos and references.
As more Greek heroes are finished I will post them here.
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  Leonidas, and the last stand at Thermopylae

28mm figure by Gorgon Miniatures

Spartan King Leonidas' heroic leadership is immortalized in paintings, epic poems, movies, books, and graphic novels. He and a small band of Spartans with other Greeks held fast against a vast invading Persian army for days, until they were overrun in the most famous "Last Stand" in western military history.

  Pericles the "Statesman" of Athens

28mm figure by Xyston Miniatures

Pericles prosecuted the start of the Peloponnesian War.  His strategy was flawed, and he died of the  plague at Athens that was a result of his war plans. Who knows what would have happened if he had lived to change direction?

  Old hoplites never die, they just get re-based

Shields are a key part of the hoplite's "look". The big round shields offer a lot of painting room even in 28mm. These older figures have combinations of hand painted designs as well as home made and store bought transfers.

  Epaminondas the "Tactician" of Thebes

28mm figure conversion of a Newline Designs and Corvus Belli Head

Epaminondas was the most famous Theban general. His tactical brilliance defeated Sparta at Leuctra. He settled the city of Megalopolis with freed helots and thus hamstrung the Spartan slave based economy. However, he too died in battle in his last great victory over Sparta and their dwindling allies, including the Athenians. Thebes gained control of Greece for a generation, until the Macedonians overturned them.

  King Cleombrotus "The Feckless" of Sparta

28mm figure by Xyston Miniatures.

Cleombrotus was the Spartan King and general at the battle of Leuctra in 371 BC. Spartan military dominance over Greece began its end there. Was he overconfident or too drunk, who knows? However he died on the battlefield, first Spartan king to die in battle since Thermopylae.

  Spartan shield designs and make your own

Persian War era Spartans and early shield designs, and a how-to
make your own transfers.

  Brasidas the "Bold" Strategos of Sparta

28mm figure by Footsore Miniatures.

Brasidas was one Sparta's best generals. He was seriously wounded at Pylos, but later marched a small force north to the Chalcidice peninsula and seized Athenian held cities by bold moves. He was killed in battle, routing Cleon and the Athenian army at Amphipolis.

  Socrates, Philosopher Soldier of Athens

28mm figure by Reaper Miniatures, vignette by Vendel and Foundry.

Socrates was not only one of the great thinkers and philosophers of all time, he was also a war hero, enduring the hardships of war. His bravery and steadfastness saved the lives of his comrades in arms.

  Callimachus, The Polemarch


Callimachus, the Athenian war leader (polemarchos) fought at the head of the Athenians at the battle of Marathon in 490 BC. He was killed leading the charge.



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