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Kublacon 2004
Here  are some pictures:

My Imperial Macedonian army from the AtG list, lines up against Scott Hayes’ Carthaginians in round one.


Games setting up


Games in progress



Some fancy moves and heated action…..


My Games:

Thanks to Scott Hayes, and er.. Um Allen Curtis (as faithful lackey).. for running a smooth and fun event at Kublacon on Sunday. I had three good games and felt that everybody was having a great time. Nice to meet some NorCal folks and put faces on the names. Sorry I couldn't spend too much time with everybody since chatting up Jervis (as I latched on as "chief hanger on") seemed to be the main focus.

Game 1: against Harold Osburn, Carthage vs. Imperial Macedonian


I brought a 2200 pt list lead by Vendel's rendition of Alexander. The first game with Harold's Carthaginians (I think they were they Scott Hayes’ figures) was more a training game as Harold was a novice. We managed only three turns. Even though Harold was new, he maneuvered his elephants into a position where my Companions needed to charge or be cornered and run off
by the beasts.. They found an open flank of Scutarii engaged with a phalanx, this charge broke the scutarii and the pursuit got Alex out of
the charge arc of the elephants... Which sealed a very small win on my part. If we had gone on for a few more turns, I could envision the
Elephants stomping or scattering the wedge, and my phalanx's open left flank was ready to be enveloped.



Game 2: against Aric Anderson, Vikings vs. Imperial Macedonian


The second game was a rematch from OrcCon in
Los Angeles between my Mac's and Aric Anderson's Vikings... This game went very poorly for Aric as his General and Bondi unit which included a Godi, got pounded by Hypaspists to the front then suffered a devastating flank charge.
Another phalanx plowed up the middle destroying first his Viking mercenaries, then skirmishers and then a unit of Hirdmen in its path.
Later they were hit hard and ran back, but they did great damage... In the meantime the Godi went down after a protracted struggle (including a
hand to hand fight between Alexander and the Viking Lord).. Without Godi immunity, the whittled down Bondi skeedadled, and were run down with their King... Aric's army scattered and this was became a big point win
for me....   (As an aside, the night before while walking through Sausilito, I had a Lady bug land on my arm, and stayed there for the duration of our visit, that little bugger gave me a whole bunch of good luck!)

Game 32: against Jim Clarke, Byzantines vs. Imperial Macedonian



The third game was against Jim Clarke's excellently painted Byzantine horde of BS4 troops. We played on a fairly clear field. Jim was able to
get his super javelineers into an oasis onto my advancing flank, and this was the decisive maneuver of the game. I tried to get them out of
there and it took my mercenary javelins, and my Thracians... Both were destroyed but pushed them back. This distraction caused my line to lose
a double march move and my Hypaspists suffered at the hands of his Staff slingers. On the left I played a game of containment with on phalanx
staying out of range and trying to distract half of his cavalry and scutatoi. My Skythians, archers and Agrianians were no match for his
archers, but hung around... Ultimately the Agrianes and archers were routed off. Finally I got a much depleted phalanx into contact with his
Scutatoi, but their advance ground to halt. Alexander and the Companions had to desperately charge the enemy's front to cover this phalanx's open flank. As is quite usual, the 4+ save foot in four ranks and shieldwall easily bounced the Companions who burned their stubborn, and wisely
(IMO) FBIGO'ed back.

However in his next turn Jim's withering fire mangled the Companions down to one model (with only Alex and the ASB
hanging on).... They passed their panic test. In my final round I managed to finally get the Hypaspists into action as they overran the
staff slingers, which caused the javelineers on the flank to run. In the end the only points I could gain were these two units, Jim tallied up my
Agrianians, Thracians, archers, mercenary javelinmen. This resulted in a drawn battle... Both sides pulled back and licked their wounds...
In the end I had blown it by not forming the Hypaspists in column, as this would have given me 4 extra inches on turn one, which might have
been the deciding factor.

Our drawn result toppled both Jim and I back to earth, and some EIR armies captured the top two prizes, Jim took third place.


All in all a very nice "excuse" to get out of SoCal and play, and tour
San Francisco! Meet old and new friends. Well done! Hope I can get back

The WAB tournament results as posted by Scott Hayes:

1. Aaron Morneau - EIR (WAB) 3/0/0 44

2. Breck Lietz - EIR (WAB) 3/0/0 37

3. Jim Clarke - Byzantines(AoA)
2/1/0 40

4. Dave Lauerman - E.Seleucid(AoA)
2/1/0 35
Jeff Jonas - Macedonian(AtG)
2/1/0 35
5. Alfred Anderson - Macedonians(AtG) 2/0/1 34
VincentAnderson - Indian (AtG) 2/0/1 34

6. Steve Fox - Samurai (AoA) 1/0/2 31

7. Richard Rodgers - Warlord (FoTW) 1/0/2 28

8. Harold Osburn - Carthaginians
1/1/1 26

9. Mark Cuomo - Warlord (FoTW)
1/2/0 20

10. Tony Mark - Ach. Persians(AoA) 0/0/3 24

11. Jeff Bosworth -Indian (AtG) 0/1/2 23
David DuJordan - EIR (WAB) 0/1/2 23
Robert Knestrick - Samurai (AoA) 0 1 2 23

12. Jim Cole African Invader (EC) 0/1/2 20
Marvin Haynes - Ach. Persians (AoA) 0/1/2 20
Manuel Ruiz - Rep Roman(AoA)

13. Michael Farley - Barbarian (WAB) 0/2/1 19

14. Andy Anderson - Normans (SW) 0/2/1 18
Robert Schurman - EIR (WAB) 0/2/1 18

15. Justin Casillas - Macedonians(AtG)0/2/1 17

16. Aric Anderson - Vikings (SW) 0/0/3 13


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