The greatest reward for someone who goes through the effort to create a game booklet such as Warhammer Alexander the Great is to find out that folks are out there having fun playing games from it and are enjoying collecting miniature armies all over the world.  Here's some photos from a club in Perth Australia sent to me by Carlo Pagano.  Carlo organized an Early Successors mini-campaign based on the game I hosted at Historicon a number of years ago.  In between his photos are some thoughts on how he put together the event, with a few comments from me.  So the question I always wonder about.. do the dice roll more sixes down under because of the spin?

Jeff Jonas 05/11/07


23 April 2007

Hi Jeff,

Tournament was played on the weekend and if I do say so myself, was a raging success. Eight players with Eumenes (me!) getting over the top
in the last round. Of course, I could not award anything to myself so the Greeks came first, Ptolemy second and Seleucids third. The east overwhelmingly won the weekend over the west.


Prizes were awarded for best baggage, worst use of elephants, best generals death etc. Lots of fun.

I ended up adding a fourth game at the players request which became a doubles match-up within factions 1=4, 2 = 3 vs the equivalent in the other faction. Worked very well.

I will put together a full write-up for the players and yourself in the coming weeks and will probably try and send something off to Battlegames or WI at some time for some fun.

Thanks again for all your help. I have included a few pictures.







15 March 2007
Hi Jeff,

Play tested scenario two -,Accidental engagement last night. Very good again. Two players are painting figures especially for the day and one
other chap brought down his figures for the first time last night - stacks of Foundry and Newline. Bloody fantastic. Will take heaps of pictures on the day and send through.

Question - does the camp garrison also test for panic from breaking friends etc or are they immune?

(Jeff: Glad to hear that somebody is having a good time of it. Scythed chariots will probably be D6 +3 in the next book.
As for the camp guards, best to make them immune. I hope to see the pictures!)




28 February 2007

Hi Jeff,

We played our first two "familiarization" games last night at the club using the "Dash for Cash" scenario.  Greek Rebellion v Ptolemy and Eumenes v Antigonos.  Big victories for Ptolemy and Eumenes.  More importantly, great fun from the six players who participated all of whom will be in the tournament.  Both of the above also captured the loot though Eumenes (me) only managed to gain it after hitting a phalanx in the flank and routing it and the eleventh hour.  Dropped and pocketed - thank you very much!

I wanted to see how they handled the rules on baggage camps/guards and the no-deployment zone.  Since we are playing on 8 x 4 foot tables, I have reduced this to 6 inches and the deployment zone being no more than twelve inches in and six inches from the sides of the table.  In addition I have kept your rule on no deployment of friendly troops in the six inch baggage zone.

Ideally 5 foot wide tables would be best but we have two foot square terrain tiles and ... well...what the hell can you do!  We will adapt and overcome.  However I was toying with the idea of preventing march moves in turn one but have abandoned it due to the disadvantage it will give sweeping flanking moves early in the game etc.

BTW - what is the Lucky Seven rule for some of the characters?

(Jeff: Lucky Seven is an unmodified re-roll that a player may choose instead of a regular dice roll
once per game)

Cheers and keep you posted. 



22 February 2007

Hi Jeff,

Just a quick update on how the preparations are going for the tournament.

All players have now chosen their faction and will have their lists in within one month. I can guarantee you that they will struggle with 2200
point armies since we are so used to playing 3000 points as a MINIMUM in our games.

"Why can't I afford the companions and the Tarentines?" has already been the catch-phrase. Fantastic. Ten players confirmed - one terrain board to make up (Egypt and Syria - the rest we have) and my ruined Acropolis (it finally arrived from Grendel) to paint up, Indian Shrine and Egyptian ruins to finish modeling, and the old Naismiths to rebase.

In terms of the lists, a good friend of mine Scott Robertson in Queensland I know has play tested your Successors supplement and if it
is OK with you, I might phone him to get some advice on the lists that the guys are putting together to ensure the Early Successor feel is there (no cataphracts!).

Do you have just the draft lists available or are they too confidential at this stage prior to publishing? Anything you can let me have once
again would be in strictest confidence and not digitally reproduced or handed out. One master copy for reference at the club on a Wednesday
night. No problems if it cannot be done - once again appreciate everything you have given me so far and couldn't be happier either way.

Either way, I am sure we can get the right "feel" which is critical.

Leader board is being planned and I will get that printed digitally on foam card so it can be a good three feet by two feet and dominate the hall (put those DBMer's to shame). Laurel Wreaths will be bronze medal coins I have (ten as it so happens).

Guys are madly painting up the miniatures they have had in boxes under beds etc to have at least a general and one unit of phalangites of their own on the board. It really has them all excited which is what it is all about. I had a couple of the chaps come up to me and tell me that they are reading up about their chosen Generals and never realized what a fascinating period the Successors was.

If they keep that kind of enthusiasm up, we will both be very happy I think.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you here in Perth at all - as I feel terribly guilty taking up your time and constantly asking for favours.

Don't fancy a trip to sunny Western Australia do you?




Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hi Jeff,

Happy New Year and best wishes from Perth, Western Australia.

I am very pleased to let you know that my Later Persians had a  magnificent victory against 4000points of very poor dice throwing  Macedonians last Wednesday. It was truly a wonderful sight to  behold and the Great King himself contemplated charging down a flank  of exposed peltasts! Obviously, contemplation is all that he   did...but...but the point is that victory was ours.

Thanks ever so much on help with the lists as I used this as a  strong basis for the skeleton of my own 4000 point force.

We are hoping to run an eight player mini-campaign early this year  not that dissimilar to what you have previously presented on your  excellent site and I was hoping to find out if you have a format we  can copy from in terms of battles, points, different scenarios and  special campaign rules.

Anything you could provide us with would be greatly appreciated and  of course given strict confidentiality.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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