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This is kind of like a blog, but isn’t.  It’s a non-blog.  This is not because I don’t care
about your opinions, it’s just I have a website.  I know how to make crappy FrontPage webpages with ten year old technology, and I’m just too lazy to make a blog.

Maybe this will become too much of a pain to do this on FrontPage, then I will set up a blog.




Newline 28mm Seleucid War elephant
Hah! Do I need another war elephant?  The simple and sane answer is no…. but with the Campaign heating up between Paul Rigby’s Seleucid and my Ptolemaic stand-ins, I expect he will need a Seleucid Indian elephant, and my Old Glory one is an African, well maybe it's amorphous, it could be an African…..

 Part One:         The parts. Reference. Priming and prep work.
  Part Two:       Painting the beastie.
  Part Three:    The crew and basing.


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