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Imperial Roman Ruckus MMXXI
The Road to Unfortunatum Part I

This scenario was organized as a club game, held at the Game Empire store in San Diego, California 07/20/2021.
It was my first face to face game back after COVID shut things down.
I asked Rich Norton to bring his great 28mm Imperial Romans, and with his and my figures we had enough to fill
the battle line. Two other brave Legates (Albert Anderson on my side and Rick Schuldt on Rich's side showed up to test the scenario and game rules.

The Scenario is based very loosely on the "Year of the Four Emperors" AD69, so the core combat favors Legions against Legions.
We lined up with two armies side by side on a 4 foot wide by 8 foot long table at Game Empire on 7/20/21.
The rules were similar to a game I put on two years ago, and is a composite of Warhammer Ancient Battles and Lion Rampant.
The game uses the formation rules from the former and the command control activation rules from the latter.
I decided to post this as a slide show, so enjoy!

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Roman shield decals by Battle Flag

Imperial Roman Ruckus MMXXI

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