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When I was notified by Dr. Ramos that he was sending me a miniature a few weeks ago, I had no idea what to expect.  I have noticed that over the last few years that some of the nicest fantasy models
are coming from Spain, but that's about all I thought about it.  The model arrived promptly and Dr. Ramos is very kind to send it to me, I will take this as a perk for doing a halfway decent job on the Warhammer Alexander the Great book.

The model arrived and I was amazed by all the aspects of its sculpting, attention to detail, crispness, animation, and accuracy.  Although much larger than a typical 28mm wargame figure the model is close to
that scale but Foundry, Old Glory, and even Vendel figures are somewhat dwarfed by it. Still the model fits on its flat plastic horse base (which is similar to a GW style slotta base).  I added a magnet base to the slotta base.

The model was commissioned by Dr. Ramos for his own use.  He has created a model that has elements of many different portrayals of Alexander, from reference from books, illustrations, and it is alsobased on the Oliver Stone movie costuming. (By the way, of all the faults of Oliver Stone's movie on Alexander- costuming was not one of them, the movie really tried hard to have an accurate look, and is a welcome surprise to see Macedonians that look like they should, not decked out as Greeks). 

The model is sculpted in a collectible miniature style, rather than a stocky wargames style. This does make the model fragile- probably too fragile for rough travel, and not strong enough for too much rough gaming.  On the other hand, the proportions, anatomy, and facial details of both Alexander and his horse Bucephalus are superb.   To see this much detail in other Alexander figures, one must jump to 75mm or 90mm scale, such as Pegaso Models, or the St. Petersburg collection.

The model comes unassembled. The horse is in two halves.  The seam was a bit uneven and some filling was needed, however the head seams with the shabraque on the right, which is a good place to break the edge.  The horse model is spectacularly sculpted by the way.  The Leopard skin is treated a but differently than source art- more like the movie version:


(of course my view of the film is at:'s_movie.htm )

The Alexander model is in four pieces. The hand with sword is separate, as is the head, body, and crest comb. All of these pieces are dainty and need to be carefully attached.   I drilled pins into the hand to make the sword more sturdy. The crest comb needed some drilling as well to make sure it would seat. The metal quality is excellent, casting was reasonably clean.  I did have to cut off some mold noise on the horse, and the seam lines are present, and fine, one must be careful to file them down before painting, as it is easy to miss them with the naked eye.

I primed Bucephalus with flat black Krylon, and Alexander with flat white. I stuck a pin into the Alexander figure to allow something to grab onto.  I also drilled a pin hole in the horse's back to allow me to later use that pin to secure the rider- since there is no obvious seat or groove.

Bucephalus went quickly. I quick drybrushing of white caught all the well sculpted musculature and hair details. Then some washes of dark tones.  Finally some Payne's gray highlights mixed with a dab of white or two were layered up. I decided to add the "Ox-head" on the haunch, which is noted in some of the myths about Bucephalus. Generally the horse painted itself, which is always a note of excellent figures. A couple little gripes on the horse. One, the hooves are shod, this is an anachronism, and the bridle is not exactly an ancient one, the reins could have had more detail rather than the plain "movie look."  The leopard skin went fast since the area is so large.

The model of Alexander also painted up easily.  The detail is so crisp that there was little area to fudge around. However the areas are tight, and the undercutting extreme. The face is so well done but difficult to get a brush in there. In the end I was able to get the eyes to not look like are staring into the headlights of an oncoming truck. This is always a challenge of smaller models.  Oh there is a sculptor's glitch, that I doubt folks will notice, I didn't notice until I was painting. (A big no-prize to the first person who finds it!).

I decided to go with a mix of historical colors on the model rather than the movie look of buff and off white.  I went with red for the half-chiton, and crest, and a simple washed out purple for the King's cloak.
The red baldric and linothorax details tend to hold the model together.  One thing that my lousy photos don't show is the detail on the girdle, the gorgon's face and array on his chest, hopefully I can get some detail shots next time.

Since the completed model is so big, I will tend to use this a "show-off" piece.  It really is a spectacular miniature, and I am thrilled that Dr. Ramos allowed me to paint and write about it.

Jeff Jonas





Dr. Ramos-
I received my miniature of Alexander the Great on Bucephalus this morning. I must say that without a doubt that is the best Alexander the Great miniature I have ever seen (in any scale!).  My only regret is that I am here at work and cannot immediately begin painting and priming this fantastic model.
I will be doing that as soon as time permits. I would appreciate a link to a website where others might be able to get this figure when it is available. I would also like an explanation of why you created this model so I can add that to my website as well.
As soon as I have the model completed I will surely place photos of it on my website in some very exalted position.
Thank you ever so much, I would love to see any other models in this line, if any are planned.

Jeff Jonas
Sony Online Entertainment LLC
Artist FreeRealms


I am very happy, is for me very important that the author of the AtG says these words about my model.

This model was a gift for the players of my annual tournament of WFB.

Last year I decided to make my dream... a special Alexander for my Macedonian army in project (really is very big and I use another model... but is a beautiful
model, this company only make 28-30 mm models...). I make the design (I have a lot of books of Alexander... ) and I speak with Spanish manufacturer for the production.

This model is not for sale (in spain) but I have speak with the producer and they can make for the rest of the world with out problems, I suppose that
one model cost 8 euros and if possible send by mail, but this information the best is in the company...

This company only make fantasy and medieval series... I have a English army only from his models... the only problem is the size.. are very very very biggggggg....
Of course you can write all you want about this model and me in your web
I am here for you if you need anything...


Dr.  Enrique Ramos Peinado


Dear Jeff Jonas:

I am a president of spanish ancients club. We have a special edition of
Alexander with Bucefalus, made for (our) annual tournament.

If for me a great honour if you accept this present of my club. Please
send me a Postal Adrress and (I will) send you the model.



Dr. Enrique Ramos Peinado
Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y Computación
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Edificio DSIC


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