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updated 03/012019

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Ptolemaic War Elephant 28mm

This is a plastic 28mm model from Victrix LTD. The Ptolemaic Empire had a few Asian elephants, but when they died off, they had to turn to African ones.
They captured them in Somalia and Eretria and sent hem by boat up the Red Sea to the Nile.
The model can be built as a Carthaginian, or Successor, Numidian, or even Roman elephant. Separate crew figures are provided.



The Ptolemaic elephant confronts Seleucid elephants. Asian elephant model by Aventine.

Asian elephant model by Relic.

  Here are some of the work in progress photos:

Elephants are fun!

  I have also created a Carthaginian elephant for a friend.

Here is a link to the Carthaginian version

Victrix LTD

Relic Miniatures

Aventine Miniatures

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