A reconstruction of Tony Edwards
excellent Epirote Army page, from the now

defunct Lochagos.com. Recreated here
with permission requested, since that website
is no longer available.

Note the excellent Dark Age Designs shield
transfers, especially the foil printed gold
Epirote monaker, on these Foundry and Newline Designs 28mm figures painted by Tony.

Tony's transfers were ahead of their time,
he used  his great Alps printer to get these

great full color and metallic effects.

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Pyrrhus' Epirote Army

Or at least most of  his landing force in Italy in 280 BC.

The Epirote left.
Closeup of the heavy cavalry

The Epirote center.
Closeup of the Molossians and Epirotes
Closeup of the Macedonian phalanx
Closeup of the Ptolemaic phalanx

(Not really the right shield design, but so what?)

The Epirote right.
Fuzzy close-up of Pyrrhus' light troops


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