28mm Spartan King by Gorgon Miniatures


Gorgon Miniatures has released a set of Spartans sculpted by Steve Saleh.  These augment the set released by Artizan awhile back.
They are typical of Mr. Saleh's work, clean and nicely posed. I felt the drapery on this one was very nice indeed.  I reckon when I get back into my Greek projects I will paint up these for my Spartans, since they are very nice and compatible with my Foundry "World of the Greeks" figures.
Painting a Gorgon shield design is kind of fun, for a one-off! I just drew the design on with a micron pen then painted over that, it's a little rough when blown up an zoomed into...  but I prefer this to transfers, some of the Greek transfers available today are far too gaudy for my tastes. 

I changed this figure by exchanging a spear for the sword, since I'm fickle about such things.

Their new Etruscan range is excellent   as well, and can also be used as early Greeks.

Here's where you can get them:





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