Warhammer Ancient Battles Alexander the Great

Some Persians

Here's a few pics of some combined units of Persian models to show off how some different ranges stack up agianst one another.

Bactrian, or Armored Persian regiment.

This unit is a composite group of models collected over the years. I prefer that a unit should have a lot of variety.  This group includes rider models by Old Glory, Newline Designs, and old Foundry.  Horses are by Newlien Designs, Old Glory, Vendel, and an old model fished out of a grab bin at Historicon.. I think it is Britannia.  The standard is by Battlestandard.


The core of the unit is the Old Glory Persian Heavy cavalry pack. These are very nice models from this range.  I did remove their chunky javelin bundle and replace these with a more suitable throwing spear.  Their simple conical helmet types makes them useful for a number of Persian Later armies, from Cunaxa down to Antigonos 1st's Carmanians at Ipsus, and probably later.  By adding in a  few models of old Foundry with crested helmets the unit gets a bit of personality.  Newline figures are used as the officer and standard bearer.

These models fit a number of roles in the AtG army. They can be Noble levies, Satrapal cavalry, or Kinsmen cavalry of the Cunaxa period.  I try to field at least one unit with 12 models so I can at least maintain the threat of a unit that can hit with a 3+ save and a +2 rank bonus.  It's a rare opponent who allows this hammer to land intact, but when it does it is gratifying!  I painted this group in muted colors with subtle designs mainly to pop out the fact that these dudes are armored!



A Satrapal general and Army Battle Standard.

These two are my Satrapal leadership duo.  They are both Newline Design figures on Vendel scythed chariot horses.  I received these horses with the Vendel King's chariot packet, when I did my own conversion I had these left over.  They can also be added to the unit above if the Great King shows up and brings a dismounted and bigger banner.
(see the Sta-Puft marsham
llow cab at http://www.ancientbattles.com/Darius/darius_chariot.htm )


Some models from a slinger unit.

This unit is a real mess.  It has from, viewing left to right: Newline, Foundry, Newline, RAFM, 1st Corps, Newline, Foundry, RAFM, Newline.
As you can see the skinny RAFM 25mm model hold their  own heightwise.  I usually field 12 of these, but I have 15 models to choose from.
The key here is that the overall effect is a nice grouping that has poses that kind go through the various motions of slinging.