The following are images of miniatures with a short biography of some of my favorite Greek Generals. As more figure are finished I will post them here.
Each one links to a short biography/story about them. Thanks for looking!


  Pericles the "Orator" of Athens

28mm figure by Xyston Miniatures

Pericles prosecuted the start of the Peloponnesian War.  His strategy was flawed, and he died of the  plague at Athens that was a result of his policies. Nobody knows what would have happened if he had lived to change direction.

  Epaminondas the "Tactician" of Thebes

28mm figure conversion of a Newline Designs and Corvus Belli Head

Epaminondas was the most famous Theban general. His tactical brillaince defeated Sparta and raised Thebes to hegemony over Greece for a generation.

   Cleombrotus the "Feckless King" of Sparta

28mm figure by Xyston Miniatures.

Cleombrotus was the Spartan King and strategos at Leuctra in 371 BC. His loss there destroyed the illusion of Spartan military dominance forever.

   Brasidas the "Brave" Strategos of Sparta

28mm figure by Footsore Miniatures for their Mortal Gods skirmish game.

Brasidas was killed fighting the Athenians in the Peloponnesian Wars. He was their best general.

   Socrates the "Philosopher Soldier" of Greece

     28mm figure by Reaper Miniatures, vignette by Vendel and Foundry

Socrates was not only one of the great thinkers and philosophers of all time, he also was a hoplite in the Athenian army. He was also a war hero, saving lives of others in combat.



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