Bactrian Successors

Tom Opalka's army inspired by the Successor's lists


Tom Opalka has put together a Bactrian army using various 25-28mm models currently available.
This is not such an easy task since there are few models out there and one needs to hunt and peck through various ranges to find the models that work. These models are from 1st Corps, Essex,Old Glory, Magister Militum, and Newline Designs, and Foundry.  There are also older figures in 25 mm.  Bactrian phalangites are available from Corvus and Ral Partha, Naismith or Minifigs, but they are small compared to modern 28mm giants and often difficult to dig up. 

The Bactrians split off from the Seleucids and became semi-independent around 260 BC. Their army was a fusion between Hellenistic troops and the local eastern forces, including nomad horsemen, former Persian empire troops, and even Indians. Their cavalry was excellent and they (of course) used elephants.  Later some Bactian princes split off further and conquered significant chunks of India. Like many Successor states they fought the frontier nomads, Indians, and amongst themselves. They were finally obliterated by the Sakas, after being fragmented by the Parthians.








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