World War One:
A distant memory


More of Samuel's photos

Back at Home and mustering out

(All images 2006 Jeff Jonas)



These two photos show Samuel Unitt symbolically mustering out. The soldiers are swapping uniforms with civilians. Samuel (1st photo right hand side) now has added a good conduct service stripe to his left sleeve.  The unidentified soldiers are part of the Winnipeg Grenadiers, and could be brothers of the late Raymond Woodfield.  The fellow with the young child looks the most like Raymond, so he could be Horace Woodfield.  These other fellows must have been family friends from Winnipeg. They are wearing an armband which I have not identified as yet.



This young man remains a mystery, he is also in the photo above, but this photo was taken in Paris.   Note that he has grown up in the photos above.  Hopefully somebody on the internet will identify these photos.



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