World War One:
A distant memory


More of Samuel's photos

Pte. Samuel Unitt 78th Bn, and the CEF in Flanders Fields 1917-1918

(All images 2006 Jeff Jonas)

Samuel Unitt in 100th Winnipeg Grenadiers uniform in 1915


Samuel Unitt and Sister Gladys (to his left), and unidentified sisters?



Studio photo of Samuel Unitt and Sister Gladys (to his left), and unidentified sister?  This photo is dated Sept. 1917 and was taken in England. It is stamped with a label: John Hensman, Redditch.  He is wearing the Identification patch for the 78th Bn./4th Canadian division, which he would not have received until arrival in France.   He wears a brass pin called "wound stripe" above the signals pin on his left arm. This must have been a trip back to England to visit the family while recovering. My guess he was gassed at Vimy Ridge, in April 1917, but I am still looking into this as there are numerous actions between June (when he received his training certification) and September 1917.

Divisional patch (4th Division, 73rd and 78th Battalions.


Unidentified Nurses. Could these be nurses that helped Samuel recover?
Or are these some of the nurses lost on the Llandovery Castle? (see link)


Unidentified soldier wearing the undress Glengarry cap.
He could be from the 73rd Infantry Battalion: Royal Highlanders of Canada.  They were from Montreal and combined with the 78th Battalion.


Unidentified soldier with unidentified cap badge.


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