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Pontics vs. Galatians 02

Patrick offered this report


Last Night saw another run-out for the latest version of the Pontic army. This time my enemy was using Galatians, lent to him under license.

My army consisted of the following.

Mithridates Eupator, Heavy armour, Warhorse, Xyston
Army Standard bearer, Horse, Heavy Armour

Two units of Pontic Cavalry with Xyston and Heavy Armour, one of 10
one of 11
Two 24-man Pontic Phalanxes with Heavy armour and Shield
24 Imitation Legionaries, Large Shield, Light Armour, Throwing Spear
30 Pontic Levies with shields and spears
18 Iberii with Light armour, shield, and throwing spear

(all the above with Musician, standard and Leader)

10 Armenian Light Cavalry with Javelins and Shields
2 Scythed Chariots
9 Javelins
11 slingers

His was IIRC

Tetrarch (Deiotarus himself I shouldn't wonder)
Army Standard Bearer
3 blocks of 25 Galatian warriors with throwing spears, shields and
Light Armour
26 Imitation Legionaries, Large Shield, Light armour, heavy throwing
Each of the three warbands had a chieftain
10 noble cavalry, throwing spear, light armour, shield
20 Thracians with Rhomphaia
2 Scythed Chariots
12 archers

The game was very odd. There was a lot of scenery.  Most of our attacks were thus simple frontal charges, including both of my wedges frontally on a unit of warriors. I was bound to win, and did not - I ended up locked in the combat, was beaten and fled next turn, the 18" panic test losing me all of my light troops.

But the cavalry were not caught, rallied and had another go, winning this time. In the centre his warbands were not big enough to sweep me away, and got bogged down in a slogging match with my phalanxes long enough for my cavalry to actually make some flank charges, at which point his army collapsed.

-scythed chariots charging each other - I don't think he had quite understood what they were for.
-26 Imitation Legionaries with the Tetrarch and Army standard bearer charging a levy pike phalanx and losing my companion cavalry scoring 16 hits, not wounding once. I did this several times, if my rolling had been anywhere near average I would have won two turns sooner than I did.
- my ENTIRE army taking a panic test at the same time after he flanked and broke a phalanx - by then I only had formed units left, so nothing failed. But the 18" panic range makes every decision to initiate combat a serious risk - it's hard work.

Galatian armies SOUND scarily good. But with light armoured warriors You don't get many men - I outnumbered him.

Too tired to write much more, but it was a very tight game - at one point I was sure it was all over.



Patrick Stoddart Collection




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