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Vince's Galatains vs. Mike Reardon's Romans at Historicon 05

Galatians vs. Romans
Vince offers this for review:

Well, I finally got around to putting together a Galatian army list and pitting it against a Spartacus Roman army list. I played the game against Dave Watson. He will probably be coming to Historicon and running a Mongol army there (mine models of course). Anyhow, briefly, Dave is the guy I usually play WHFB with, we’ve played a few games of WAB here and there so he is use the ancients rules. He is also a very good player – he actually thinks! So you see I was playing at a disadvantage at the get go.
Dave ran the Late Republican Romans, I made up the list.
Consul mounted
ASB with one of the legionnaire units
15 Vet legionnaires Centurion
15 Legionnaires Centurion
15 Legionnaires Centurion
14 Legionnaires Centurion
16 Conscript Legionnaires
16 Conscript Legionnaires
16 Conscript Legionnaires
6 Roman Cavalry
9 skirmishers
I ran the Galatians, I picked a Settle Galatian Army
Warlord mounted (HA, shield)
ASB mounted (HA, shield)
35 Warriors + chieftain (LA shield)
35 warriors + chieftain (LA shield)
30 imitation legion + chieftain (LA shield)
30 imitation legion
30 imitation legion
10 Light cavalry (javelins)
3 light chariots
12 skirmishers
All the heavy infantry unit had leaders, standards and musician, except the legionnaires that had a centurion.

You get the idea. The circle areas are where the skirmishers are.
Turn one, I won the toss and went first.
Everyone moved forward as fast as they could toward the enemy.
Dave charged his cav against my skirmishers, I fled and got away. The 3 roman cohorts on the Roman right moved forward, the middle cohort into charge range of my warriors.
Turn two.
My skirmishers rallied. My chariots (on the far right) failed their warband test and charged the veteran legionnaires. The warrior unit 2nd from my left charged the Legionnaires that were in range. I kept my Imitation legions out of roman charge range, the light cav broke into skirmish and exchanged fire with the roman archers, nothing decisive there.
Combat. The chariots got 3 attacks each because of fury, they manage to kill a couple of vets and even though they lost the combat they passed their break test. At this point I should’ve FBIGO, but I forgot the rule. Which brings up the question, if a fury unit FBIGO do they lose fury, we said yes. On the other side of the field, my furious warriors smashed the legionnaires, but not enough, they passed break test, again no FBIGO, Dave forgot.  
ON his turn Dave turned his cav, he was just waiting to see how things developed on his right, on the left he charge the legionnaires into the chariots. Combat saw the chariots routed and chased down by the Legionnaires, the vet held. My warriors this time lost the combat but passed their break test.
Beginning of turn 3 the map looked like this.

Turn 3
I test for fury (5 or 6 I lose it) for the one warrior unit engaged. They pass, should I test for the chieftain separately? The unengaged warriors charge the flank of the legionnaires, the legionnaires panic. Those warriors are now hanging in the air. The IL (Imitation Legionnaires) on my left charge the Conscripts in front of them, I accidentally moved them 10 inches (we didn’t realize this until the next turn of course)  and they made the charge barely. In the midst of battle you mind doesn’t work right and this game proved it.
I break the cav into skirmish and move them back to block the romans. The IL break the Conscripts and purse but don’t catch. The other conscipts panic as do the other conscripts on the hill.

Dave now charges his cav into the flank of my warriors, and defeats them – no fury toward the side (see we do remember some rules). All his legions rally except the skirmishers and the legionnaires on his right who flee off the board. My warriors break (yup forgot FBIGO).
The next 3 turns saw my last warrior guys unit lose their fury because of the fury tests and they weren’t even fighting. Maybe the fury tests should only be taken after each combat, seems silly to lose fury and not be fighting at the time.
On my right flank both my IL were lost to the superior quality of Roman troops, led by the Veterans.
My remaining IL that made the break through proved to be my most effective unit, not only did it eventually defeat and run down the conscript unit in front of it (the IL ran off the board chasing them), the unit then returned, charge the other conscripts and ran them down, following up into the Romans cav that got squished between them and a returning unit of warriors. The other warrior unit ran off the board. A lot of bloodshed and a good fun game despite all the memory lapses – FBIGO who heard of that ;)
So the main questions are concerning fury. Next time I will try some Scythed chariots, just got to keep them away from the drilled romans. Also next time I will put my general and ASB in a fighting unit, it was stupid of me to keep them out of the battle when they could be helping out with their attacks, killing centurions!
BTW, the game turned out to be a tie, thanks to that IL unit – I love those guys!
Hope this helps.



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