Ral Partha and Minifigs Levy Phalanx

LevyPhalanx.jpg (124660 bytes)

These are also "Ancient Miniatures". This phalanx has seen lots of action..but these older figures are being pushed back to Levy status now that newer and larger figures are available. However, the Ral Partha "Hypaspist" figures (third row closest to camera) are still some of the best detailed and well sculpted Phalangites ever...if only they were scaled up about 5% to match newer 28's. As you can see at one time I was just a starving artist and couldn't afford expensive transfers... so I forced myself to paint these by hand!

Levy Phalangites are something of a pet-pieve for me in WAB. I think their basic stats are correct but when you add in the Phalanx bonus it's like doubling your phalanx for half price. If you keep your General nearby they are super troops! I'm hoping that eventually levies will have restrictive rules, like only being able to test on the General's leadership if he joins the unit, and never allowing a FBIGO to a levy phalanx, and  forcing any Levy phalanx to fear opponents they don't outnumber 2:1.