Ral Partha and Minifigs Cretan archers

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These truly are "Ancient Miniatures". I've been gaming with these models for well over twenty years. They are puny "true" 25mm figures but they are good enough....until I get my Foundry Cretans done...then these will become Neo-Cretans.
The Successors tried to have as many Cretans as they could afford. They fired an arrow with a heavy barbed tip that was able to penetrate armor better and they used bows which could match Persian bow range. They were also noted for being more inclined to hand to hand combat than other Psiloi (skirmishers). In fact they carried a buckler of bronze and swords for close in work.
Cretan archers from the Greek list are a must have unit for any Successor army..in fact they should be part of the "Alex and Successor's" list in AoA.  Their Ld of 7 and their Bs of 4 make them one of the most effective missile units available to any force in WAB.