RAFM Bolt Thrower with ESSEX crew

BoltThrower.jpg (86967 bytes)

RAFM makes some very nice 25mm siege equipment models and they are still reasonably priced. I didnt like the RAFM crewmen however (they are very close to 20mm tall) so I crewed this machine with these nice ESSEX models...the shield stand in back is salvaged from the RAFM crewpack however.

War machines are a big gamble, but with some luck they can pay off...I like having one as it forces those "stand off and shoot" forces like Mongols and Scythians to get closer and try to take it out. Generally I've noticed that bolt throwers work well with my army because I'm aggressive. Players who are cautious and stand back can be frustrated as their war machines will be taken out before they can do much damage. It's usually a waste of points to give your crews light armor (think of the chaffing!)....I wish the AoA list allowed them to pick up those shields stacked up behind!