Antigonos' Companions

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These are Old Glory 28mm Companions. They are fairly well done models and aren't too difficult to paint. However, there is the typical leg gap problem that many OG figures have, I had to squeeze the legs in with pliers to get them close to looking like they are riding the horse..I hate that! The spears are plastic rod which are easily worked and fairly sturdy to handle.

These represent the Politoikoi cavalry based on Macedonian veteran's sons settled in conquered lands...I also use this unit as Alexander's Companions in his various campaigns. They are dressed as described by Arrian after Alexander's campaign in India...chances are before that purple would not have been common.

The great debate continues... is this a "Heavy" armored horseman for WAB, or is this light armor? Playing them as light armor makes them very brittle...but the interesting thing is you can see why Alexander held them in reserve behind layers of screening light troops. Accurate archery mows them down.

I prefer the 1-3-5 wedge formation's actually based on Aelian's tactical diagrams (shown in the Osprey book on Alexander by Secunda). Also, since I believe this formation is more effective for maneuvering than combat I like the more compact space this "wedge" occupies on the table.....also if I ever had 49 figures I could build and actual Ala (troop)!