Veteran Macedonian Phalanx


Few can stay calm when the Macedonian phalanx bears down upon them!..
The Veteran phalanxes of Alexander were much better equipped than the earlier warriors of Philip, who were once described by Alexander as wearing rags and animal skins when they first set off for Persia.

Old Glory provides most of these 28mm figures in the image above. To the right are older 25mm Hinchcliffe, and the left are very old 25mm Minifigs and Ral Partha figures mixed together. Note that the 25's fit ok since the long pikes 'fill in' and make the size disparity less pronounced. (plus I cheated as these are on slightly higher movement trays!)


Miniatures: Old Glory    Decals: VVV GG6 Macedonian Star & Surround     Pikes: hand made from "floral wire"

This is the 28mm Old Glory armored phalangite set, it is very nice but command figures are in a separate set. I don't usually use the lowered pike set because that causes so many issues on the tabletop. But evetnually I need to add the lowered pikes for display purposes only, after all I can removed them before gaming!

Don Effinger's Old Glory phalanx is quite impressive.