Royal Hypaspists

From the collection of David Smith
painted by Dave Woodward of
Ever Victorious Miniatures professional painting services.

The armament of the Macedonian hypaspist or Royal Shield bearer is difficult to pin down.   These Foundry and Essex figures show the interpretation for the hypaspists of Philip and Alexander' early campaigns. This style of armor an equipment is shown on the "Alexander Sarcophagus" in Sidon.  It isn't clear when the hypaspist changed equipment from a light hoplite as pictured here to a phalangite, in fact they may have been equipped and ready for all occaisions.
They certainly often fought with javelins in skirmishes, occaisionally riding doubled up with the Companions.  It is also possible that the hypaspist used a twelve foot spear and still used the larger hoplite style shield, and only adopted the smaller 24" aspis when re-equipped in India.  It is clear however that on guard duty the Hypaspist used a more normal sized spear since a  famous anecdote relates how the hypaspists carried their spears in the Royal tent.. which if these were pikes would seem kind of ridiculous... and dangerous!

Miniatures: 28mm Wargames Foundry (The officer is by by Essex)   Painting: Ever Victorious Miniatures

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