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Historicon 2003

Once again Don Effinger was kind enough to ferry me to Historicon and make all the arrangements. We also picked up Rob Broom of WHW and chatted from JFK airport to central Pennsylvania about Warhammer Ancients, supplements, miniatures and games. I couldn't wait to game this year since I missed last year because of work, and for the last year an a half I've been really busy with an overloaded work schedule and then a book release! All I wanted to do is game a little and connect with many of the gamers that have helped me put the Alexander the Great book together. It was great to see Mike Bruck, Vince Salvato, Tony Edwards, Tom Opalka, Mike Reardon, Steve Schifani, all major players in getting the Alexander the Great supplement done. At least I was able to buy them a couple beers!  There were plenty of others there I recognized from the past, and new people to meet as well too many to mention, but it is all too much fun and goes by way too fast!

There's a lot of photos so broken things down into three groups so as to keep pages from overloading:

WAB Doubles

WAB Singles and fungames

WAB Alexander vs. Porus Hydaspes demonstration game

Like I said it was way too much fun, I'm already looking forward to next year!



Yes I won some awards,
My Macedonians were judged Best Painted in the WAB singles tournament
Don Effinger and I miraculously won the Doubles event
My Epirote elephant model won a Silver award for "Used in Game"

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