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Historicon 2000

The thought of traveling 3000 miles to a wargames convention 
sounded crazy to me... but.....

The Games!!!

Don Effinger shows Vince Salvato which end of the camera to peer into.. He's a helpful guy.. Don says "Vinny, this is a is a very dangerous instrument..never point it anybody when it is loaded."   Vinny seems to be thinking.."Don... gee, what a helpful guy!" or maybe "Help This!!!"....Vinny's hapless Indians about to be trounced by his own Romans aided by Don's Celts in a pick up game. They were actually testing me to see if I was a tempermental whacko...

Round one of the Inter-Galactic Championship... My Early Successors arranged to take on Don Miller's impressive Hittites, my elephant broke up the chariots and I isolated this wing from his infantry to the right off screen. The rough ground in the center hindered his deployment, but my slingers grabbed the woods and the chariot wing crumbled.

Click here for an example of my list:

Round three (sorry Tom round two's photos did not come out), saw the infamous Battle of the Hedgerows.  I made Chris's massed Celts, pay dearly for bringing two 15" hedges and placing them in the middle of the table, they ended up being the ones 'hemmed in'!. I blocked the left with phalanx's and the center with Companions and delayed on the right. My plan went smoothly and I captured my third win as all his right wing and center troops were on the run at the end of the time limit (turn 4)!

The Vend!!!

(Nuf said)

The Toys!!!

My biggest loss was to Don's colorful Macedonians.. but I mainly blame the late hour and having to endure the incessant needling that put me off my best game..Grudge match!!

Vinny's striking Mongolians.. I was happy to not have to fight them in the Tournament.. and  my Macedonians "Succeeded"* them by only 1 point for the WAB painting award!  Quite an honor as these were outstanding figures.
(I can hear the groans all the way out here!)

The Battlefield Tour!!!

"A Louisiana Artillerist about to go on a diet".. no ..not really.. Don shows me proper thumb technique where the first shots of Gettysburg rang out. Don as a Civil War re-enactor is an excellent tour guide.. I was blown away and overwhelmed by my day long tour of the "hallowed ground".  Sorry to be corny but it was my first trip to the battlefield ... there is nothing else like it.

I chanted "Fredericksburg!! Fredericksburg!!  Fredericksburg!!"


WAB Tournament Best painted Army
Used in Game (Gold Medal), Overall Painting Competition (Silver Medal)


All this combined to be one heck of a great time!!


And I'm lucky to be going Back!!

Historicon 2001

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