A few mercenaries

Another new company, Bronze Goat Enterprises is endeavoring to provide early Macedon era figures. These are mercenary hoplites, unarmored, with greaves and thrusting spears. I intend to mix these in with Foundry figures so I have built these with Foundry shields for consistency. The shields provided were a bit large to be compatible with my other units.. and I'm kind of fussy about that!

Nice details on this young looking salpinx player. Generally the faces on Bronze Goat figures are youthful looking.   I like the drapery style as this works very well with washes, and there is good separation of straps etc.  For somebody looking for more types of hoplite options these are nice figures and they rank up well on 20mm bases.

These must be Achaean or Arcadian farmboys as they are brawny lads.  The tunic is red because a mercenary should have a nice red tunic as Xenophon's men wore. Bronze Goat figures have a variety of helmeted and bare headed hoplites, and some interesting helmet variants.

The boot detail is good, the faces have room to paint the eyes.  The samples I received were very cleanly molded as well, the only  scraping needed was a little to give the Foundry shield something to stick to.  I used Foundry shields instead of the ones provided as these will join up with a unit of Foundry unarmored hoplites someday. The shield transfers are from Dark Age Designs whose hoplites shield line can be seen at:



You can order Old Bronze Goat figures and the rest of this growing range can be seen at:



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