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Their little room
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The two travelers would meet in the middle, from the bookends of the continent, right coast to left coast.  She had decided to meet him in Vegas, her girlfriends and she would have a room, the man would have his own room adjoining.

The pilgrims would have separate cars, and a stout door safely blocked access between the rooms, in forbearance of what might happen if they saw each other and either decided to run away like their hair had spontaneously combusted.

Her girlfriends were going in case the man had an axe, since airport security was much looser back then.  If they hated each other then the two hopefulls would simply lock the door and go their separate ways. Vegas of course was still there for the weekend, or the Canyon of Fire, or other fun desert explorables if smoky gambling pits clogged his nose.

In the end, her girlfriends bailed out as bodyguards, but she bravely came on alone, and convinced herself that at best it was a lark and a tryst, and at worse a foolish mistake, that someday she would most likely look back on and laugh about.  He went thinking what a crazy idea, sometimes you got to stick your damn neck out of the shell to find the good cabbage.  But generally, he felt that at worse he was committing one of his many foolish mistakes with women, that someday he would most likely look back on and laugh about, like most other failed gambits.  All their friends had told them both they were simply out of their freaking minds.

He went to his room straight away and showered and shaved and put on some good stink, and a clean shirt and plopped down on the bed, knowing that her flight was arriving later.  The tension was so thick, that he promptly-- fell asleep :) Oh shit, what time is it.... splashes water on his face, combs hair, phone rings..... next room over, it's her sweet girly voice telling him that she's readying herself and the knock will come soon. Good, one last chance to check the supplies, gifts, cards, wallet, room key. Comb the hair again, he says he is not nervous. How man can bullshit himself! The door knocks.......

Now the tension is thick, what's on the other side of that portal... the voice was the same as on the phone at home, both of them knew their voices already, but now would the face be the same as the photos, or would there be some betrayal.  Would somebody else be standing there, or worse would that person be that special one, but turn away.  Or worse still would there be an impossibly awkward lull, a trench would fall away that neither would dare cross, splitting into a chasm and void, and all is darkness like Bullwinkle and Rocky slipping into the underground.  Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit from a hat... again?

The man reaches for the latch and turns the knob, and there she is all aglow, radiant orange blouse clinging to her sexy curves, cleavage abundant, and hot legs, sparkling bangly earrings, green eyes batting, curly hair, perfectly arranged. That delicious mouth and a smile that could make a man die happy.  His eyes work her over, and suddenly he realizes that there is another crisis, my god she is a bouquet of glowing sunflowers with the most alluring aroma..... he wasn't ready to lose control so soon....

Before he can break his lock down, she closes up to him and simply kisses him hard on the mouth. They embrace, maybe it was just a minute, maybe an hour, nobody was checking the clock.  Weak kneed and a bit misty eyed they stumbled into her room. As the portal door behind them closed, they lay down on her bed and found that all things beautiful in the world at that moment were happening in their little room.


Jeff & Barbara June 18th 1994

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