Sunday, December 02, 2007

Refreshing Rain
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Yesterday was so nice.. it rained the whole night, and left everything so clear and crisp.  The dust and soot and ash was washed out of the air, and eight months of dirt scoured off the roads and rooftops.  The last good rain here was that long ago... too long. I hate it when everything stays dirty so long.  Sleep has not been easy lately.. sometimes I'll have insomnia, sometimes I'll be woke up by voices.

My wife's call on the microphone- sometimes I'll still hear those voices. Or even I can startled by her voice in my head "Who's in my house!" I remember clearly! "No-one, my dear darling, no-one is in your house"... of course was she reacting to who was in my head!! LOL....

But still a nice cleansing rain, and the noise on the roof of raindrops is the perfect sleep aid, washing away the clutter in my brain.  Cleansing and rebirth is still the theme around here.  Who am I to become? I've lost the half of me that I love, and yet it's fun to evolve and push the envelope a little.  The Dragonfly is about renewal, just as it sheds it's skin, I'm shedding slowly my old married self. Having fun joking around more now. 

Part of my new skin is my Tattoo- which has so many joint symbols of my life and my love for my wife.  Yin and Yang, light and darkness, the emerald dragonfly.  I am a Gemini after all.  I'd rather be naughty than nice, but like to be nice when I'm naughty!

Darkness and light
not a White Knight
Queen of the night
gives me a fright
clutch real tight
try as I might
to surrender

On a clear blustery day looking towards the Pacific from the Black Mountain, you can breathe in forever, and I honor my wife when I breathe, and I live, and I enjoy, and when I nurture my lovely new friends that surround me, and who support me, who love me already.


Rain drops cling to my cactus grasping at the sky...

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Liege & Lief
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