Friday, August 01, 2008

Green pastures, still waters, burning canyons
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"I always say there's one song on every record that's a gift."
Emmylou Harris

I was lucky to see Emmylou Harris last night.... I'm still just blown away today... I'm so lucky to have a new love to take me away to these things, to give me a new life...

So many of Emmylou's songs kill me dead.. they remind me so much of last year when I got no sleep on the couch... taking care of my Barbara listening to the Zune.... listening to angels like Emmylou to fill my soul with turbulent peace.

Back then, there seemed no way out... no hope.  I was buried in canyons of hell with no choice but to watch my poor Barbara get sicker and wasting away everyday.... it seemed like Emmylou's voice could carry me away to green pastures and escape just a little from it all.  Having a crush on her since I was a kid doesn't hurt.....

And so last night a year later from that awful time,  I got to see her, like an angel with that silver hair glowing and reflecting iridescently in the hot colors of the stage lights. Reminding me of how in times past she set me free of my bondage, if only through music, and how those old Roots songs set the tone for the adventure of the Dragonfly story... the background.. the soundtrack of those last days as I told Barbara how that Dragonfly revealed to me how there is a place that's safe for her to crossover, a place filled with still waters, a place with green pastures where she can rest, safe without fear. And I know that too when I take that ride as well.

Finally Emmylou sang "From Boulder to Birmingham" and sent me to heaven and back, from the burning canyons, to the man in the moon, back to my new lovely lady, and into her arms... where I am safe now.

These songs are her gift to me:

Sailing round the room:

Not Enough by Emmylou

Currently listening :
All I Intended to Be
By Emmylou Harris
Release date: 2008-06-10

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